We Love Babywearing!

October 1-7, 2018 is International Babywearing Week.  It is a week-long celebration which is celebrated on the first week of October wherein babywearing advocates celebrate and promote the multiple benefits of babywearing.

I am a babywearing advocate, not an expert but I’ve done my own extensive research on it.  Before Gavin was born, I really took time to read up on babywearing, its benefits, how tos, different types of carriers, which carrier to purchase which would fit our style and lifestyle (coz they don’t really come cheap), as well as how to deal with people around us who are not fully aware of what babywearing is.

I joined different FB groups, copied different infographics and studied them, connected with other babywearing advocates and made a few good friends from all of these.  In short, I was really into this and I wanted to make sure I do it the proper way the first time around.

Taken on Valentine’s Day 2016, when Gavin was 6 months old.

We started babywearing Gavin when he was 7 weeks old.  We used a Lillebaby because based on my research, it was the best one for us in terms of style (Hello!  Tokidoki!!!) and lifestyle.  I’m happy to say that we were happy with that decision.  They don’t come cheap but it was one of the best baby product we’ve invested in (Pfft!  Think of a slightly used baby crib…).

We never found the need for a stroller until Gavin was 20 months old.  We even hesitated at first coz we were not sure if we’ll be able to use it but since we were going to travel we thought it would be best to have both (carrier and stroller) just in case we’ll need either of them.

Fast forward to April 2017.  Gavin at 20 months old and we’re still using the same baby carrier…  Kept him safe and close by especially in crowded places.  He just slept when he got sleepy while Mommy and Daddy shopped and toured the place!

Osaka, Japan (April 2017)

Then fast forward again to March 2018.  Gavin at 31 months old — and yes, it’s still the same baby carrier 🙂 .  Kept our hands free to carry an umbrella while it was raining.  It kept Gavin dry as well when the rain got stronger and we had to run.  He got sleepy and just went to sleep inside his carrier 🙂

Tokyo, Japan (March 2018)

I cannot say enough good words on the benefits of babywearing (and I won’t enumerate all of them here but feel free to google on it.  You’ll be happy you did!).  Being a full time mom to Gavin who didn’t have a nanny since birth (it was a decision), baby wearing saved my sanity on days when I just want to sit down and rest my arms.  Or on days when I just want to tinker with my crafts.  Or on those teething days and wanted to just be carried.  It was definitely a life saver!

But what’s more important is Gavin was the happiest when he was being worn.  He definitely enjoyed the warmth of being close to us and I know it created a stronger bond between us (including my husband).  We still have our Lillebaby carrier with us until now coz I know and I’m hoping that we’ll be able to wear him a few more times before it’s time for us to bid goodbye to it 🙂


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