To be honest, I don’t really cook.  I can and I know how (as long as there’s a recipe to follow) but I don’t.  Why?  Because I hate cleaning up after.  Valid enough?  Haha!  Ask me to bake, I’d do that anytime but cook, let’s just order out.  Haha!

But frequent take outs or deliveries also takes a toll on our taste buds.  There were days wherein I/we crave for homecooked meals.  So it’s either we eat in my sister’s house (I always invite myself) or I put on my apron and cook something up.

So here are some of the recipes I’ve tried and modified a bit to fit our taste buds — and what’s important is these recipes passed the husband’s and the Little Man’s taste buds as well.  Kudos to me!  Haha!

Enjoy and let me know how it goes!  I’d love to hear from you!

For recipes, click on the links below:

Food Recipes

Play Recipes – uploading soon 🙂