Color Sorting

Honestly, at first, I thought Gavin was color blind.  Haha!  Crazy mommy, worrying about the most useless stuff.

Anyway, being a first time mom, I was totally clueless as to how to introduce colors to the Little Man.  For me, it was more of this is red, this is green, this is yellow — followed by what color is this? Expecting that he will be able to blurt out the color correctly.  As a result, deep inside, it frustrates me that he can’t name them correctly no matter how many times we repeat it and it frustrates him as well since he knows the color but just not the proper language to identify it.

Not fully aware of what I’m doing, of course, Gavin would end up saying the first color that he could think of.  Thus, I thought he was color blind or was just having fun with me by mentioning different colors when repeatedly asked because he’s keep getting some of the colors mixed up.

Until I did my research further and finally understood how colors should be presented.  I have prepared another blog entry on how I started presenting colors to Gavin using the 3-period lesson.  You may also use this for other identification activities.

How I presented it:

Gavin just picked up the materials from his shelf and just started sorting them by himself.  I didn’t give him any instruction on what to do.  He just started picking up the pompoms using the tongs and started putting each colored pompom in the muffin pan.

Sometimes, we really just have to trust them that they’ll know what needs to be done without even stepping in 🙂

What you will need:

Although I also used Montessori colored tablets in some of our color recognition activities, you can also use other items found around the house.  But for this particular activity, we used some of my spare craft pompoms.

  • colored pompoms (or any item which can be sorted by colors)
  • kitchen tongs or play tongs (if you have one)
  • muffin pan (from our kitchen) or any sectioned tray

What can your child learn from this activity?

  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand and eye coordination
  • Develop concentration
  • Sorting and color classification
  • Color identification – Language skill
  • Completion of task can result in self fulfillment

Here’s a short video I took while Gavin was doing the activity.

Let me know how this activity went with your child.  I hope he/she had fun!

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