Blessed with a child

There are a lot of couples who instantly get blessed by a child as soon as they get married… Well, not for us. We had to wait for close to 9 years to finally conceive and be blessed with a healthy baby boy. I think it’s time to share our journey…

Photo taken last December 2017

My husband and I got married back in May 2006. As soon as we got married, we knew that we were ready to have a child. And as what most people say, couples usually get pregnant within the first 6 months of being married and we sure did! I discovered I was pregnant in November 2006 and that was one of the happiest days of our married life. We went for our first check-up, was given medicines/vitamins and was asked to come back for another check up when I reach 8 weeks of my pregnancy. I was 4 weeks pregnant. Our hearts were overflowing with happiness.

On the 6th week of my pregnancy, we went for a short vacation which we have planned months back. Everything went so well until after the day we got back to Manila. I felt the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my entire life (no kidding!). I had an ectopic pregnancy (and I’m just glad we were back in Manila!).

I was rushed to the hospital. Fainted and blacked out a couple of times. My whole body was in pain. After transferring from a nearby hospital to a hospital where my OB-Gyne practices, it was finally time to get operated on. And I just had to share this — On my way to the delivery room and in still so much pain, I held my husband’s arm and said — “Hon, please tell Dra, bikini cut please”. And yes, those were my last words to my husband which my husband still couldn’t believe I said. He was expecting an “I love you from me”. Ha-Ha!

Thank God (really!), I came out alive. I never thought I could have died after I have read about ectopic pregnancies while I was recovering.

Fast forward to around 2012, when conceiving was still nowhere in sight. We consulted with another doctor. A fertility doctor this time around. I underwent laparoscopy, we underwent several IUI sessions (I think 5-6 sessions) all of them failed and we finally agreed to try out IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) in 2013. We were hopeful and never stopped praying that hopefully this is it! BUT NO, it was not πŸ™ . I guess it was still not the right time for us to be parents.

Then in 2014, we decided to consult an OB-Gyne with a sub-speciality on Perinatology since I wasn’t getting any younger. I underwent a lot of tests — the most thorough test I’ve undergone among all the OB-Gyne’s I’ve consulted.Β  She then introduced me to another doctor, an Immunologist. I won’t tackle much on this but maybe in a future post. I would go for my immunology vaccinations every week (when most people would do it once every 2-3 weeks) and religiously go for my OB-Gyne check ups (no matter how tiring!) as required. Finally, by July 2014, my husband and I decided to go for another round of IVF. This time in Taichung, Taiwan.

It was a tough decision for us since we have to be away from Manila for around 45 days, be in a foreign land all by ourselves and leave our full time jobs for awhile. But a choice has to be made. It has to be done. We filed for our leave of absences, left our 2 lovable Yorkies with my in laws, packed our bags and left for Taiwan (which will entail another future post). After 45 days, we came home with a negative. I had a bio-chemical pregnancy. Oh boy! My life. How sad.

We continued to pray for that healthy baby. We never stopped. But around end of October 2014, on our way home from work, I told my husband that I think it’s time for me to stop going to my doctors and stop taking my medicines. I can already feel my body getting tired with all the work-up. I told my husband that I think we’ve tried everything we could and I think it’s time for us to just enjoy our life together. If it is not in God’s plans that we’ll ever have kids, I’m totally okay with that. I’m okay in growing old with just us and our dogs, whom we totally love and adore. I think it’s time to save up once again and start traveling. My husband agreed. I message my OB-Gyne and my Immunologist and told them that I’ll just rest and I’ll just go see them again maybe around early 2015.

And by December 19, 2014, I finally submitted my resignation letter from work (of course I gave my good boss a heads-up before that). I think it’s time for me to slow down and be a housewife. Time for me to take care of my husband and our home (Woohoo! My ultimate dream! To be a housewife!). On December 20, I tested positive! Oh yes, you read it right! One day after my resignation, I discovered I was pregnant. Oh what joy! Pure happiness. Pure bliss. We honestly didn’t know how to react when we saw the positive line on the pregnancy kit. We just got so used to getting a negative.

My pregnancy journey was a breeze! No morning sickness, no unnecessary emergency trips to the hospital, no worries…

A few days before I gave birth πŸ™‚

I finally gave birth on August 13, 2015 (a full 40 week pregnancy) to a healthy baby boy…

Born on August 13, 2015 at 432pm. 8lbs 4oz, 52cm.

Then as they all say… the rest is history. Fast forward to 2018, we now have a 3 year old Little Man who brings so much joy into our lives.

Happy 3rd Birthday to our Little Man!

This is how this blog came about. A blog by a full time mom, dedicated to bring out the best from her child. No pushing. No forcing. It is all just about following the child and preparing the environment in which he’ll thrive in.

And this was our journey. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t cheap. A lot of pain and a lot of tears but I would say, it was definitely worth it. This child is a blessing and is definitely worth the wait.

If you’re a woman trying to get pregnant and on the verge of giving up, don’t. Hang in there. Keep on praying. Keep the faith. Keep on believing. Miracles happen. Always remember that everything happens for a reason.

If you’re a mom on the verge of giving up because you’re just so tired. Don’t. We’re in this together! Life is not a bed of roses but it is definitely worth it. I just know it! We were given a child to take care of and who is fully dependent on us. Grab that opportunity to nurture and bring up responsible and compassionate children in the best way we know how. We can do this! Let’s do this!

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