3-Period Lesson for Color

Being a first time mom,  it was normal for me to just teach colors by mentioning the color to a child, followed by questioning the child what the color is — expecting the correct answer (even if the child could even barely mention other simple everyday words).  Harsh?  Not really, it’s just how things are.

This is red, this is green, this is yellow — followed by what color is this? Expecting the child to be able to blurt out the color correctly.  Haha!

This is how everything started with Gavin, until I did my research further and finally understood how colors should be presented.

**Always remember that each child and family is different and this may not be how you presented it to your child but this is what worked for us 🙂

How I present it:

Since I have slowly transitioned to the Montessori way of learning, I presented it the Montessori way to ensure that Gavin and I are learning it the way he learns it in his school.

3-Period Lesson:

Step One: Naming – I state the name of the color while showing/holding up the item.  “This is red” and I continue with the other colors.  I usually just start with 3-4 color each time.

Step Two: Recognition and Association – I ask Gavin to identify the color.  “Please give me the red <item>”.  This will help him in recognizing the color.  This helped Gavin a lot especially when he still can’t speak much.  This made me realize that he knows the colors, he just doesn’t know how to say them.

Step Three: Recall – I ask Gavin to recall the color by showing/holding up the item and asking, “What color is this <item>?”

What you will need:

Although I also used Montessori colored tablets in some of our color recognition activities, you can also use other items found around the house.

Colored Pom Poms

With the use of these pom poms, Gavin and I were able to work on sorting them inside a muffin pan from our kitchen.  You may see the activity details here.

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