Simple Joys

We do a lot of activities together as mother and child.  We also do a lot of things together as a family.  No matter how simple or unplanned they are, we make sure to make it really special for each member in the family.  We love creating memories together, no matter how simple they may be.  We enjoy the simple joys in life.

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Learning with the Little Man

As a stay at home mom, I literally spend 24/7 with our Little Man.  With that, I make sure I prepare enough daily activities to keep him busy.  May it be an indoor activity or an outdoor one, I try my best to make sure that he learns as well as have fun at the same time.

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Crafty Corner

I’m a crafty mom.  I do my crafts whenever my Little Man is busy with his own activities/materials/work.  I craft, I do my Project Life, I work on craft orders, I write on my journal, I update my planner.  This is my little corner which you are free to explore and learn from.

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Who Am I?

Hi there!  My name is Ade.  I’m a full time mom (to a 4 year old little boy), a homemaker, a happy wife, a furmom (to 2 adorable tiny Yorkies), a crafter and an essential oil lover, all rolled into one.

This blog is a journal of my crazy and fun days, a dump site of my recipes, tutorials and craft works, and hopefully an aid for everyone caring for a child in terms of creating activities/materials to keep those little hands busy.

I’m no expert nor am I claiming to be one but I hope that this blog will help fellow moms/dads/families with little children in enjoying the journey as much as I do.  What you will find in this blog are things and activities which worked for us, and who knows, it might just work for you as well.

Let’s all enjoy and have fun in this crazy and tiring yet fulfilling journey called motherhood!